At NATPE 2020, the international TV industry will celebrate NATPE 2011 as the year that saved the premier U.S. trade show for buying and selling TV content. Indeed, this year marks 10 years since the market moved from Las Vegas (where it had languished for several years) to its current venue at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach.

Unfortunately, NATPE 2020 is not expected to be as successful as NATPE 2011 (due to the intervening changes in the TV sector), but NATPE Miami still has all the prerequisites to continue being the main U.S. TV content market.

To celebrate NATPE 2011 in 2020, VideoAge searched its NATPE photo archive. Below, please find a few scenes from 10 years ago. Note the boats anchored across from the Fontainebleau that were needed to accommodate overflow from the exhibition suites.

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