The Locarno Film Festival announced the appointment of Valentina Merli as head of Locarno Pro.

In her new festival role, Merli will work alongside Sophie Bourdon, deputy head of Locarno Pro and head of Open Doors. She assumes the role from Nadia Dresti, who will continue on as an international advisor to the festival. Merli co-founded the Paris-based independent production company Misia Films in 2018.

Lili Hinstin, artistic director of the Locarno Film Festival, stated, “I am very pleased that Nadia Dresti is to continue as a Festival’s International Advisor, while Valentina Merli will be taking on one of the most important jobs at the Festival, as head of Locarno Pro. The Locarno Film Festival is a vital strategic venue for auteur filmmaking. Locarno Pro has to reflect that identity, because the real challenge is to allow this kind of cinema to flourish, by fostering the availability and continuity of its market opportunities.”

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