Calinos Entertainment signed several international sales deals for programs from its drama catalog.

The Turkish distributor licensed Forbidden Fruit (pictured) in India, Israel, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Kazakhistan, and Pakistan. Drama series Woman has been picked up in India, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, El Salvador, and in MENA territories. Additionally, Our Story has been licensed in India, Bulgaria, and Pakistan, while The Girl Named Feriha was picked up in India and French-speaking African countries. A Love Story was also licensed in Macedonia.

Ismail Dursunov, deputy general manager of Calinos Entertainment, remarked, “We are thrilled to have licensed these rating-smasher Turkish dramas to an additional 10 more countries. Especially, thanks to the increasing interest from the Indian audience in Turkish content, we are pleased to announce we have closed a deal with MX Player for The Girl Named FerihaOur StoryWoman, and Forbidden Fruit.”

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