Viacom International Studios‘ MIP Cancun roster features dramedy Victoria Small (Pequeña Victoria). Four women welcome the birth of newborn Victoria and put aside their differences in order to raise her.

Mystery series To Catch A Thief (Atrapa a un ladrón) (pictured) depicts Juan Robles’s returns to Buenos Aires to get his sick uncle out of jail. His uncle is suspected of being El Gato, an infamous thief whose identity is known only to Juan. Live-action teen series Club 57 revolves around siblings Eva and Rube, who accidentally time-travel to 1957. When Eva falls in love with JJ, her minor action causes a butterfly effect on the future.

In N00bees, Silvia and David encounter the AI bot Game Over, who emerges and attempts to transform the real world into a video game. After Lorena disappears in sci-fi thriller Dani Who?, Dani’s life turns into a nightmare in which she struggles to understand who her real friends are. MIP Cancun Table 175

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