DISCOP Johannesburg is expected to welcome more than 120 free-to-air broadcasters from 15 African countries.

With the launch of SVoD services across the continent, the DISCOP Johannesburg agenda will continue to celebrate the role public broadcasters serve in the African market, where 85 percent of audiences actively watch free TV.

Patrick Zuchowicki, general manager and founder of DISCOP, commented, “All the major streaming and pay-TV services will be attending. But pre-market reports point to strong demand for programming from commercial and public broadcasters. The bulk of the business for the vast majority of content suppliers is still in traditional television.”

Andrew Boozer, DISCOP’s conference director, added, “[W]e have designed a conference program that will help ad-supported TV channels stay at the top of their game and build stronger ties with local talent, up-and-coming producers and advertisers who still  think that linear television is the most powerful ad-medium on the continent.”

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