DISCOP organizers announced a new initiative focusing on professional gaming for its Johannesburg edition.

As part of the DISCOMICS track, in collaboration with its partners ICON Comics & Games Convention, Nairobi Comic Con, Pro Series Gaming and the African Animation Network, DISCOP Johannesburg will present an initiative investigating the potential of eSports in Africa. The market will feature a session titled ‘Bringing Video Gaming to Screens,’ which will be jointly hosted by Nick Wilson, president of the African Animation Network, Les Allen, president of the ICON Comics and Games Convention, and Thomas Imboya, president of the Nairobi Comic Convention and Pro Series Gaming.

Patrick Zuchowicki, president of DISCOP, said, “The world of sports entertainment is changing, and eSports is the star player. DISCOP is waking up to video gaming competition’s potential. We will help broadcasters and content producers learn more about this new ecosystem to woo audiences. Not just gamer addicts. But everyone from nine years old to 45.”

DISCOP Johannesburg will take place from November 20-22, 2019.

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