41 Entertainment will be expanding into YA animation with the book adaptation of Supernatural Academy, the book series from Jaymin Eve.

As part of its latest strategy toward YA animation, 41 Entertainment secured the exclusive, global, multimedia, animation rights to Supernatural Academy and Supernatural PrisonSupernatural Academy follows Maddison James, a young woman unaware of her supernatural abilities, as she learns to control her powers. The CG-animated series is scheduled for launch in fall 2021.

Kiersten Halstead, vice president of Acquisitions, Development and Production at 41 Entertainment, said, “While we remain very committed to the children’s animated market, we know that this segment is getting younger as older kids are migrating to other media. Based on the continued success of YA live-action series, it is clear that young adults love the genre. With our animation expertise, we are confident that stories about shape shifters, vampires, witchcraft and magic can best be told in high quality CG animation.”

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