Magnify Media licensed the short-form comedy series Couples Therapy to DR Denmark.

Danish production company Nordisk Film TV is currently in production on a local version, which will debut in the fourth quarter of 2019. Originally produced by Seefood TV for NRK, Couples Therapy follows mismatched couples who attend a therapy session to resolve a problem plaguing the relationship.

Cecilia Ingebrigtsen, head of format sales for Germany and the Nordic territories for Magnify Media, said, “This deal with DR is further proof that short-form scripted entertainment – which is a far less risky financial investment than long-form scripted – is providing a real shot in the arm for the formats business. And it’s also true to say that a disproportionate number of these shows are coming out of the Nordic territories, which has a long and strong track record in ‘entertainment with a purpose.'”

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