SPI International will produce three additional films in the Mister Mayfair franchise.

SPI International, 365 Flix International, and Goldfinch have announced that the first three Mister Mayfair movies have been finished. Produced in collaboration with Highfield Grange Studios and MSR Media, the first three films revolve around the former New York gangster turned London nightclub owner Max Mayfair. The new trilogy will also be directed by Philippe Martinez and produced in partnership with SPI International and Alan Latham.

Loni Farhi, president of SPI International, said, “SPI International couldn’t be prouder of the first three Mister Mayfair movies. Working with Philippe and Goldfinch proved to be a very productive partnership. I look forward to start producing the next three movies of Mister Mayfair which I’m confident that viewers will enjoy very much.”

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