Viacom International Studios will bring an assorted mix of productions to the Palais this year, leading off with Victoria Small. The dramedy gathers four women who wish to become mothers and welcome the birth of Victoria, a newborn girl, who forces them to put aside their differences in order to raise her.

Based on Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film, To Catch A Thief (pictured) follows Juan Robles, known as the El Gato, a burglar who has since retired. He returns to Buenos Aires to bail his uncle out of jail and discovers that someone else has been assuming his identity as the infamous thief for their own gain. In teen series Club 57, Eva and her brother Ruben travel back to the year 1957. When things backfire in the present, Eva must risk everything from the past to save her family in the present.

N00bees 2 shows Silvia continuing on in her normal life, outside of the professional eSports team, with a new boyfriend and a return to playing basketball. She’s caught off guard when the AI villain “Gameover” seeks revenge. Science-fiction thriller Dani Who? depicts Dani’s life-turned-nightmare after Lorena disappears. Stand R7.K5

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