At this year’s MIPCOM, Mondo TV Group is offering a diverse slate that is topped by comedy adventure series MeteoHeroes, which follows six ordinary kids who discover that they can each control a different weather phenomenon.

Live-action web-based comedy series House of Talent The Web Series shows 20 of Italy’s best-known teen influencers as they are tested in areas such as cooking, science, fashion, and music. Two seasons of 3D CGI-animated Robot Trains (pictured) are available. The first season followed the adventures of Kay and his friends as they embarked on a quest to restore Kay’s lost memory. Season two’s focus is on Rail World and its four different regions that represent the Earth’s four natural energy: water, light, wind, and fire.

Sissi the Young Empress 3 follows Sissi, who has married Franz, as she lives in Schönbrunn, where she starts a new life as an empress. Invention Story tells the comedic tale of Kit, a creative fox who comes up with a new invention that impresses most of the residents of Carrot Town, but inspires jealousy in some rabbits. Stand P-1.M2/ P-1.N1

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