Madd Entertainment‘s portfolio highlights Kuzgun (pictured), a crime drama series about love and revenge. Kuzgun was taken from his family by thugs. As an adult, he is after revenge against Rifat, the man who ruined his father’s reputation. That changes, however, when he meets Rifat’s daughter.

In medical drama A Miracle, Ali is a young medical school graduate who faces resistance upon joining a hospital’s surgical unit. The other doctors are biased because Ali has savant syndrome. He slowly finds friendship and brotherhood among the hospital’s staff.

Love Makes You Cry follows Ada, who was taken in by her mean uncle after her mother’s death. Her uncle takes Ada’s wages and arranges a marriage for her. But when Yusuf, an orphan himself, returns a lost purse and letter to Ada, the two run away to Istanbul. Stand P-1.J69

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