Lionsgate Entertainment will arrive in Cannes with daring and groundbreaking content, including new Starz television and feature titles.

In Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (pictured), phenomenal computer coder Zoey Clarke is gifted with the ability of listening to the innermost thoughts and desires of people around her through song and music. Anthology drama Manhunt: Lone Wolf portrays one of the most complex manhunts that took place on U.S. soil: the search for Eric Rudolph, who was known as the bomber of the 1996 Atlantic Olympics.

Romantic comedy Love Life looks at how the relationships and one-off lovers shape people. The Goes Wrong Show depicts the overly ambitious projects taken on by the Cornley Drama Society, whose members sometimes undermine each production with their over-acting and screen-hogging tendencies.

In comedy series Motherland, working mom Julia, single mom Liz, and stay-at-home dad Kevin desperately want to win the approval of the Alpha Moms. Stand C15.A8

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