Kew Media Distribution brings to the Croisette: Susan Hill’s The Small Hand: A Ghost Story. The series tells the tale of Adam Snow, an antique book dealer who receives sinister visits from the spirit of a small child. In an effort to rid himself of the ghost, Adam will be forced to reveal a haunting secret from his own childhood.

After June becomes the victim of a Cold Call (pictured) fraud in this dramatic miniseries, she tracks down the head of the fraud empire, moves into his family home, and gets her revenge. Based on the classic novels by Barbara Euphan Todd, Worzel Gummidge is the story of a mischievous scarecrow who mysteriously comes to life. The comedic fantasy reveals how everybody needs a place to call home.

Documentary series The Movies explores American cinema through the years, and the cultural, societal, and political shifts that framed its evolution. Non-fiction series Legacy List with Matt Paxton captures the drama that ensues when families are forced to downsize and pack away prized antiques and memorabilia. Stand C15.A6

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