Gusto Worldwide Media provides a large selection of original food and lifestyle programming.

At MIPCOM, the company’s roster spotlights DNA Dinners (pictured). Each episode of the series centers on an individual whose DNA test presents an opportunity to learn about global cultures through cuisine. In Bonacini’s Italy, celebrity chef Michael Bonacini prepares delectable Italian meals from 15 different regions.

Set in a retro-styled kitchen, cooking series Flour Power shows host Jessica McGovern demonstrating how to concoct extravagant baked treats for any occasion. A visually stunning series, One World Kitchen features nine young women who represent nine international cuisines (Italian, Indian, Thai, Argentinian, Japanese, Cantonese, Lebanese, Vietnamese, and Greek).

Fast-paced cooking series Watts On The Grill takes place on an urban rooftop with Spencer Watts as he shows viewers the art of barbecue. Stand P-1.A51

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