Electric Entertainment will be at MIPCOM with a diverse slate that includes a host of different genres.

Set in the Philippines, Almost Paradise is an action/crime series about a DEA agent whose tropical retirement is rudely interrupted when he finds himself at the center of an international drug investigation. Fantasy/adventure series The Outpost (pictured) follows Talon, who tries to hunt down the perpetrators after her village is destroyed. She soon learns that she has a supernatural power that she must figure out how to control in order to defend the world against a religious dictator.

The Stephen J. Cannell Library is a collection of  series from the award-winning writer and producer, who helmed hits such as 21 Jump StreetThe CommishThe Greatest American Hero, and more. In Change is in the Air, a peaceful community is forever changed when a mysterious young woman with a secret moves in.

When a one-night stand is interrupted by a robbery in romantic comedy Say My Name, strangers must learn to navigate the underbelly of a sleepy Welsh isle in order to get their stolen property back. Stand P-1.A51

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