Banijay Rights, the international distribution arm of Banijay Group, carries a diverse collection of content across genres, from drama series to factual entertainment formats.

Crime drama The Gulf (pictured) follows detective Jess Savage after she loses her memory in a car crash and becomes convinced that someone is after her. In Beauty Laid Bare, four young people explore America’s beauty and cosmetics industry, where they tour the offices of global makeup brands and manufacturing factories, among other sectors.

Together Forever tells the story of conjoined twins Carmen and Lupita, who, at the age of 19, are learning to become independent while at college. Children roam Britain’s museums unsupervised in A Night at the Museum, a series that presents kids with the opportunity to visit remarkable educational spaces after closing time.

The School That Tried to End Racism (w/t) depicts a school’s groundbreaking program to test for racial bias among 11- and 12-year-olds. Stand C20.A

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