VideoAge‘s Water Cooler: How many pre-scheduled one-to-one meetings are there from 9:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on days one, two, and three?

Benedicte Touchard: For the distribution companies there will be 13 one-to-one meetings on Day 1 and 13 on Day 2. On the third day, there will be seven meetings.

VA‘s WC: Why are the dates so late in the month (November 20-22) compared to earlier editions? Will future editions be held equally late in the month?

BT: The dates were selected in consideration of Thanksgiving, which this year, falls on November 28.

VA‘s WC: The market has reached the maximum number of LATAM buyers, and it therefore cannot increase the number of exhibitors (in order to guarantee the correct number of one-on-one meetings). Will the market still be able to grow or has it reached its plateau? And if it can grow, how will that be achieved?

BT: The market will continue to grow. The first year we had 40 buyers, and last year we had 180 buyers! The market will grow due to the addition of two more conferences about co-productions and content development. In addition, this year we added three new events: a format competition (sponsored by all3media), a PRODU Awards Ceremony, and a networking breakfast, sponsored by the Worldwide Audiovisual Women’s Association (WAWA).

VA‘s WC: Is the support you receive from Mexican government organizations on a year-to-year basis or is it a multi-year agreement?

BT: We only received sponsorship from ProMexico, which, since last December, no longer exists.

VA‘s WC: Are there future plans to bring the market to Miami?

BT: No, there are no such plans.

VA‘s WC: Have you negotiated a multi-year agreement with the market’s headquarters, the Moon Palace Resort, or is it on a year-to-year basis?

BT: We work well with the Moon Palace, and for now we’re focusing on this year’s event. 

Pictured above: Benedicte Touchard

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