Rakuten Viki partnered with CJ ENM and JTBC to deliver more than thirty programs to its streaming service.

From CJ ENM, Rakuten Viki will offer its viewers: Hotel de LunaHer Private LifeHe is PsychometricSearch: WWWTouch Your HeartWatcherWhen The Devil Calls Your NanKill ItMr. TemporaryThe Crowned ClownWhat’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, and EncounterMelting Me Softly and The Great Show are titles that are coming soon.

Rakuten Viki is working with JTBC to bring Sky CastleClean With Passion for NowLegal HighRadiantWelcome to Waikiki 2Beautiful WorldThe Window BlowsMoment of EighteenMelo is My NatureAsk Us AnythingPlease Take Care of My RefrigeratorI’m Real Song Joong KiReal Mate in CairnsAustraliaTravelerMy Mad Beauty 3, and Try ItFlower Crew: Joseon Marriage will be arriving soon.

Rakuten Viki covers 190 countries around the world, reaching over 40 million viewers.

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