This coming January, NATPE will celebrate 10 years in Miami Beach. In 2011, VideoAge Daily was there — as it was during the previous 31 years of the NATPE market’s 41 years.

NATPE Miami 2011 started on a Sunday and VideoAge‘s Day 1 Daily ran the headline: “Industry Celebrates Mart’s Rebirth,” to commemorate its move from Las Vegas.

Indeed, the market’s resurgence was clear from the fact that VideoAge Daily was able to return to three editions in Miami, a practice that had been abandoned in Vegas, where the poor business environment barely supported two editions.

Other front-cover topics included DTT in LATAM and VoD in the U.S.

On the Day 2 Daily, the front cover stories covered the large number of telenovelas produced annually in Latin America (95), the large number of top-level buyers who’d come to the market from all over the world, and retrans fees that, having hit $574 million that year, had started to become “serious” money for local U.S. TV stations and national TV networks.

The Day 3 Daily heralded the return of “the 800-pound gorillas,” as the big U.S. studios were then labeled, and a story about the U.S. syndication business.

NATPE’s return to Miami Beach (its first time was in 1994, just after the terrible earthquake that hit Los Angeles) in 2011 generated 10 parties and marked Dom Serafini’s 600th My 2¢ VideoAge editorial, which were calculated to amount to a total of $12.

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