Gusto Worldwide Media signed a deal with Asian Cable Communications (ACCION).

100 hours of Gusto’s original food programming will launch on ACCION’s channel Pop Life TV in the Philippines. The new agreement covers Crate to PlateFish the DishThe Urban VegetarianThe Latin Kitchen, season three of One World Kitchen (pictured), Fresh Market Dinners, season two of Flour PowerBonacini’s ItalySpencer’s BIG 30Pressure’s ON, and Let’s Brunch.

Chris Knight, president and CEO of Gusto Worldwide Media, said, “We’re blown away by the response from our Filipino audience and we’re looking forward to bringing a Gusto content block to Pop Life TV. With our massive catalogue, we’ve been able to expand with several content and channel partners this year. We own everything, making it easy to launch our content quickly.”

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