They’re popping up practically everywhere — from Facebook newsfeeds to tabloid TV shows like Inside Edition to digital news platforms such as Reuters, the AP, and The New York Post to reality shows and documentaries. They are user-generated videos, and they’re changing the landscape when it comes to news content and documentary and reality production.

With smartphones that can capture high-definition footage in hand, the public is becoming content-generators, filming and uploading their own “on-the-scene” videos. A number of these “eyewitness videos” even go viral and reach a global audience, and at the same time yield good revenues for uploaders.

And the U.K.-headquartered Newsflare is at the epicenter of the user-generated video explosion. Formed in 2011, the company today maintains a staff of 40 people in London and more recently established a Los Angeles office helmed by General Manager U.S. Preeya Naul (pictured above) that is successfully expanding its licensing and programming operations in one of the world’s top TV markets.

Newsflare has built a global infrastructure for connecting amateur videographers with top media licensees, and reality and documentary producers, delivering content that would otherwise be too remote or costly to be covered by traditional means.

Highly advanced technology drives Newsflare’s video marketplace platform, where a custom verification and trusted algorithm lets content buyers discover and license the videos they need in minutes across multiple categories.

The company’s state-of-the-art digital technology also fuels the uploader experience, as aspiring Newsflare contributors simply download the company’s iPhone or Android app and begin recording and submitting videos.

The app even acts like an agent, tracking sales and paying their freelance video contributors. Uploaders are paid half of the revenues generated by Newsflare from the company’s media affiliates, and in several cases, the company reported, this has translated into thousands of dollars.

Joining forces with global video marketplace Pond5, Newsflare has begun marketing its expansive user-generated video library to advertising agencies in the U.S. and internationally.

The Newsflare-Pond5 partnership will enable advertising agencies to select from thousands of rights-cleared quality user-generated videos to match their campaigns.

“Royalty-free user-generated videos have great appeal to advertising agencies and clients,” said Jason Teichman, Chief Executive Officer of Pond5. “Newsflare has built an unparalleled force of more than 60,000 uploaders, whose news-breaking and lighthearted videos instantly engage viewers, making them ideal as creative elements for advertising campaigns. We look forward to working with agencies and creators of all kinds to help them tell their stories with Newsflare footage.”

Jon Cornwell, President and CEO of Newsflare (also pictured above) added: “Since the outset we have seen the potential for user-generated video to provide a diversity of opportunities for creative agencies as they look to develop successful campaigns for their clients.  By teaming with Pond5, we reach a much bigger market with the very best in full-rights cleared user-generated video across lifestyle, nature, wildlife, wellness, sports, travel and more.”

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