Aiming to enrich the television experience, Orlando, Florida-based HotSwitch has a new system that offers viewers a dynamic social environment while also supplying streaming networks and channels with a B2B platform for real-time analytics and interaction-driven revenue.

Instead of having viewers go to third-party platforms like Twitter and Facebook to talk about what they’re watching as they’re watching it, HotSwitch brings that live activity directly to content providers. HotSwitch streaming applications can provide a unique viewing experience, measure engagement, and monetize with sponsored ad integrations.

Most recently, HotSwitch announced its integration with the Mexico City-based TV Azteca Conecta app. As part of its partnership with TV Azteca, HotSwitch is serving as the interactive engine behind the app, allowing TV Azteca Conecta users to interact through chatrooms, polls, trivia, and games. Beginning with this regional launch, HotSwitch is now looking for partners throughout Latin America.

Created in 2015 and further developed in the start-up incubator Alchemist Accelerator, HotSwitch is led by Andres Aranguibel, CEO, Ravel Antunes, CTO, and Leonardo Aranguibel, Partnerships. The co-founding team currently holds positions at Disney, with past experience at HBO and NBC. They have brought in investments from BTF Media and SayWhisky, among others.

Pictured above, l. to r.: Andres Aranguibel and Ravel Antunes.

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