A&E Network commissioned Essential Media Group, part of Kew Media Group, to produce The Impossible Live(working title).

The special daredevil series will showcase incredible stunts, including various death-defying jumps and high-wire performances. A&E and Essential have also partnered to develop Volcano Walk Live(working title) with Bello Nock and his banner Opportunity Nocks. The live special will feature Bello Nock along with his daughter Anneliese in a hot air balloon wire walk.

Elaine Frontain Bryant, executive vice president and head of Programming for A&E, stated, “The Impossible Live will take viewers on a wild ride as they witness, in real time, the world’s greatest daredevils risking life and limb to pull off stunts worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster film, but without the benefits of retakes and CGI.”

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