There are over 10 unique articles that NATPE Budapest participants will have a chance to see as the first recipients of the premier print version of VideoAge‘s June/July Issue. But don’t fret if you can’t make it to Budapest this time around, readers who won’t be at the market will still be able to appreciate the Issue online (via text, audio, and PDFs at before they see it in print in their offices.

Stories not to be missed include:

*The L.A. Screenings Review, which explores the present and future of this iconic Hollywood event.

*The challenges faced by Netflix during its global expansion.

*The My 2¢ editorial, which gives six pieces of advice to young TV executives, who, of late, seem to be annoying older TV executives.

*A look at the life and times of Bernard Chevry, a pioneer.

Also included are these stories:

*A discussion of Egypt’s function as a gateway to the MENA region.

*A look at what’s going to happen at NATPE Budapest.

*An examination of the irreverent “roast” shows that were popular in the ’60s and ’70s (as compared to the irreverent reality shows that are so popular nowadays).

*Plus, air travel across the pond, a calendar of trade events, and a preview of the Rendez-Vous screenings.

VideoAge‘s next Issue after that will be the September edition. The E-Beat Daily Newsletter will be on hiatus July 1-5. And the WaterCooler weekly feature will take a sabbatical from July 2 to July 26.

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