TRT Arabi partnered with Bosnia’s IPTV network BH Telecom in an effort to expand its global distribution.

The partnership will make TRT Arabi available to over 200,000 subscribers of BH Telecom, which operates in Bosnia and Herzegovina. TRT Arabi is part of the Turkish Broadcasting Corporation (TRT), and broadcasts around the world with several stations and channels covering a number of topics and interests.

Furkan Han, TRT World’s head of Global Digital & Satellite Distribution & Partnership, remarked, “TRT Arabi will be our second channel to be launched on BH Telecom, after our first, TRT World. Our partnership with BH Telecom is an important step in growing our footprint, not only have we managed to increase the distribution of TRT Arabi but we are happy to have managed to add BH Telecom as one of our partners from around the world.”

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