Jetsen Huashi, the Chinese digital distribution and IP management company, acquired the format rights to The Treehouse Stories from French animation company Dandeloo.

Produced in France for Canal+, the pre-school series mixes live action and 2D animation to share the stories of friends talking about their favorite books. Jetsen Huashi will develop its own series based on the series’ concept and brand with co-production partner Youku Kids. The first season will air on Youku Kids and rollout on major TV stations across China, including CCTV.

Emmanuèle Pétry Sirvin, producer for Dandelooo, commented, “We are thrilled with the format being created by Jetsen Huashi and are so excited to see the new casting of young Chinese actors and a real treehouse being built locally. We look forward to discovering the new episodes featuring our own animation. It is a wonderful opportunity to share our passion of books with millions of Chinese children and we wish The Treehouse Stories and our partner Jesten Huashi every success.”

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