Nippon TV producer Hisashi Tsugiya was honored with an award from Japan’s Broadcast Creators Association.

Tsugiya was recognized for his longtime commitment to creating notable drama series such as MotherWoman – My Life for My Children, and anone. A determining factor for Tsugiya’s receiving the award was the fact that Mother and Woman had both been adapted internationally.

Tsugiya remarked, “I am so honored to be awarded by the association and am especially happy that they valued the fact that my series were adapted internationally and appreciated in the local countries. I could not have done this by myself, and I would like to acknowledge the scriptwriter Mr. Yuji Sakamoto who I had the honor of working together on three major series.”

He added, “The series were given a new life, thanks to my dear international partners, and I’d like to take this opportunity to express my deepest respect and gratitude to their adaptations as well.”

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