Here a list of the official events at the 56th annual L.A. Screenings:

Canadian Screenings: May 12-18

Indies: May 14-17, InterContinental Hotel, Century City

Paramount: May 16, 20-22 (LATAM, May 16)

Viacom: LATAM, May 17

CBS: May 18, 20-23 (LATAM, May 18)

NBCUni: May18-22

HBO: May 19

Lionsgate: May 19

MGM: May 19-21

Disney: May 20-23 (LATAM, May 21)

WB: May 20-23 (LATAM, May 20)

Sony Pictures: May 21

15th Annual L.A. Screenings Veterans: May 23.

Updated information will be available at the VideoAge info desk at the InterContinental Hotel and online at:

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