All3media International inked a format deal for Catch Me Out.

TV Globo commissioned a local version of 40 episodes to be produced in-house as part of its primetime show Domingão do Faustão. TV Globo was also given the option to produce another five episodes. Originally a co-production from Glitterbox and Fizz, Catch Me Out showcases ordinary individuals who try to convince an audience that they are actually professional performers. Domingão do Faustão includes variety of musical performances and interviews.

Janel Downing, VP Sales Latin America at all3media international, remarked, “We’re really pleased to see Catch Me Out airing as part of TV Globo’s Domingão do Faustão, which has been a mainstay of Brazil’s Sunday evening schedules for three decades. Catch Me Out is a fresh and exciting format that combines the appeal of a talent/variety show with the anticipation of an incognito challenge show.”

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