FilmRise partnered with Citi and Global Citizen for the launch campaign to promote Sprinter.

Executive produced by Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, and Richard Jefferson, the sports drama tells the story of a teenager sprinter hoping to use his athletic skill to reach his mother living in the U.S. as an undocumented resident. Global Citizen will be offering a VIP ticket package for a winner to attend the exclusive premiere screening in Los Angeles on April 23, 2019.

Sal Scamardo, vice president of Distribution Strategies at FilmRise, commented, “Global poverty is having a calamitous effect on families and we are extremely delighted to be partnering with two great organizations that strive to make our world a better place. Their help and support of bringing attention to this film is tremendous.” Sprinter will be released via theatrical-on-demand on April 24 through Gathr Films’ platform.

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