Viacom International Studios (VIS) is in Cannes with a slate that featuring a Hitchcock adaptation, a time-traveling live-action series, a thrilling romantic drama, and much more.

Based on Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic mystery, To Catch A Thief (pictured) follows Juan Robles as he returns to Buenos Aires to release his sick uncle, who has been charged with burglary, out of jail. In Club 57, Eva and her brother Ruben time travel to 1957, but when Eva falls in love with JJ, her minor action causes a butterfly effect on the future.

Drama series Fugitive Love tracks Omar as he runs away from Patagonia after being accused of his wife’s death. With his child in tow, he adopts a new identity and attempts to build a new life. Comedy series Homens? brings together four thirty-something dudes who are faced with a problem they can’t find a solution for: one of them is impotent.

100 Days To Fall In Love is  about two friends who make deals with their respective husbands to take a break from married life for 100 days. Stand R7.N7

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