Brazil’s Record TV boasts a product catalog of telenovelas, series, and documentaries, highlighting Brazilian society and culture. At the helm of the company’s MIPTV roster is a dramatic re-enactment of the life and times of Jesus (Jesús).

In telenovela Leah (Lea), the title character faced a life-changing tragedy, the death of her mother, which forced her to take care of her newborn sister, Rachel. As an adult, Leah falls in love with Jacob, only to learn that he’s set his sights on someone else, Leah’s sister. Apocalypse (Apocalipsis) is a story about love and redemption that occurs in three phases (pictured). It begins in New York in the ’80s, when Alan meets Susana and Adriano meets Deborah, and ends with a rivalry between each couple’s sons that eventually sparks The End of Times.

The love triangle between Asher, Joanne, and Zach takes center stage in The Rich and Lazarus (El Rico y Lázaro), set against the backdrop of Nebuchadnezzar’s invasion of Jerusalem. After Moses’s death, Joshua leads the 12 tribes of Israel to The Promised Land (La Tierra Prometida)Stand P-1.K59

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