Calinos Entertainment heads to Cannes with a host of Turkish dramas in tow.

Revival (pictured) tells the tale of Kemal Vardar, a happy businessman with a beautiful wife, and a toddler son, who enters a coma after a workplace fire. When he wakes 10 years later, he learns that his family has moved on without him. Forbidden Fruit is a drama about two sisters who want vastly different things out of life. Zeynep dreams of having a career she can be proud of, meanwhile Yildiz hopes to marry a rich man who’ll save her from her working life.

In romantic drama Our Story, Filiz doesn’t think she has time for love because she must take care of her five younger siblings, but all of that changes when she meets Baris. Drama series Woman follows Bahar, a young mother with two children, who is trying to deal with her issues of abandonment after the deaths of her grandparents and the man she fell in love with. When her mother and extremely eclectic sisters reenter her life, she is uncertain on whether to accept them. Stand P-1.M51 

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