ATV Distribution, the content sales division of ATV, is at MIPTV showcasing family dramas.

Currently in production, Hercai (pictured) centers on the complicated relationship between Reyyan and Miran. Miran ends their marriage abruptly after remembering how Reyyan’s father killed his parents. Lifeline follows Nefes, a child bride who was sold to a businessman named Mustafa. When Mustafa takes Nefes and their son to Istanbul for business, Mustafa’s younger brother notices the domestic violence Nefes faces.

While at university, Alev has an affair and becomes pregnant. She attempts to kill her baby, Zeynep, and goes to jail. Consequently, Alev’s sister raises Zeynep as a Foster Mother. The center of his Grand Family, Hizir tries to balance his family life with his mafia affairs, while also refusing to choose between his wife and his mistress.

In Don’t Leave Me, Arzu is alarmed by her old friend, Esin, who threatens to reveal the truth about the real father of Tarik, one of Arzu’s sons. Stand P-1.J2

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