GMA Worldwide (GWI), the distribution arm of GMA Network, signed a deal with Latin Media Corp. (LMC) to bring the network’s dramas to Latin America.

Among the series LMC selected to be dubbed were The Heart Knows (Un Corazon Especial), The Way To Your Heart (El Mas Grande Amor), and Stay With Me. Other dramas acquired include Second Chances (Una Nueva Oportunidad), Someone to Watch Over Me (No Me Olvides) (pictured), Legally Blind (Legalmente Ciega), and Ika-6 Na Utos (Dulce Venganza).

GMA Network chairman and CEO Felipe L. Gozon stated, “We’re very lucky that we have partnered with Latin Media Corporation. They are the number one distributor of foreign content. Our revenues from our association with them are consistently growing and I think the reason is that [LMC president and CEO] Jose Escalante is a very good manager.”

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