TVO renewed the original series It’s My Party for a second season from Bristow Global Media (BGM).

It’s My Party showcases the world’s greatest celebrations, informing young viewers on Diwali, Kwanzaa, and Oshogatsu, among others. BGM is also developing an expanded version of It’s My Party‘s companion game, Party Time!, which allows players to customize their own celebrations. The new season will air on TVOkids in the third quarter of 2019.

Julie Bristow, president and CEO of BGM, remarked, “Just as the kids in It’s My Party!are learning about new worlds and new ways of doing things, so BGM continues its learning about the digital universe and what young viewers demand of their entertainment. In the end, the technology and delivery may be different but the key to attracting audiences is the same: a great idea executed brilliantly by creatives at the top of their game. We’ve achieved that with It’s My Party!, with its mix of old-fashioned friendship and discovery, and digital fun and games – and we’re delighted that TVO and its young TVOkids audience agree.”

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