MGM Worldwide Distribution signed a format licensing deal with Televisa for TKO: Total Knockout.

Televisa will produce 24 localized episodes of the CBS format. MGM also agreed to become production partners with Televisa to service local versions across Latin America. The obstacle competition series features contestants who race through physically-challenging courses while other contestants attempt to knock them out. The U.S. version was produced by MGM Television and HartBeat Productions.

Chris Ottinger, MGM’s president of Worldwide Television Distribution and Acquisitions, stated, “We are honored to partner with a world renowned firm such as Televisa for MGM’s first-ever production hub. The hub solution allows us to produce TKO on par with CBS’ U.S. network standards, but at a much more affordable price point for international broadcasters. Televisa’s best in class production capability, plus their leading ability to influence buying trends in the rest of Latin America, made them our first choice.”

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