Global Agency is offering an exciting line-up of series and formats for international markets.

Gulperi follows a mother who is trying to win back the hearts of her children who have been brainwashed against her by her late husband’s family. In dramedy Daydreamer (pictured), Sanem starts working at an advertising agency, where she meets Can, the owner’s son, and the two quickly fall in love.

Meryem is about one woman who is willing to take the blame for an accidental homicide and go to prison in order to protect her boyfriend. When Sureyya meets Faruk in Evermore, the two instantly fall for each other, except that Faruk’s mother has her own plans for her son’s love life.

In My Wife Rules, a chef demonstrates a recipe to competing wives, who then must instruct their husbands on how to prep the dish. Stand E27

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