MISTCO‘s roster of Turkish TV series highlights Hold My Hand (pictured), a romantic drama about the relationship between Azra and Cenk. After Azra’s brother goes missing, she meets Mrs. Feride, who introduces Azra to her spoiled grandson.

The Prisoner of Love is a story of a forced marriage between a poor young woman, who needs money for her father’s surgery, and a wealthy man, who became jaded after his mother abandoned him. The Last Emperor chronicles the life of the most modern and innovative Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Abdulhamid Han. He had many planned projects concerning the future of his empire, but traitors inside his palace and among his family made it impossible to complete many of them.

In Resurrection: Ertugrul, 13th-century hero Ertugrul struggles in finding a home for his tribe. Animated series Aslan follows the title character as he attends elementary school. With the help of his family, he comes up with extraordinary inventions to solve everyday problems. MIP Cancun Meeting Table 123

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