GMA Worldwide (GWI), the distributor for the Philippines’ GMA Network, is spotlighting several well-crafted dramas.

Another Chance finds widower and bereaved mother Lyra with a second opportunity at a family when she meets Bernard and his son Billy. But she soon finds out that Billy is actually her friend’s missing child.  Andrea nurses a severely wounded soldier back to health because she believes him to be her boyfriend Joseph. When she thinks that he may be someone else, he shares Memories of Love (pictured).

In Once Again, Des and Aldrin experience recurring visions and dreams in which they appear before one another. When they meet in real life, they wonder if the past lives of star-crossed lovers have reincarnated into their souls. Rhodora X follows Rhodora as she copes with her multiple personality disorder. Every time Rhodora is triggered, she finds courage from Roxanne, another personality based on her murdered childhood friend.

Someone To Watch Over Me tells the story of Joanna and TJ’s romance, which becomes strained when TJ is diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. DISCOP Johannesburg Viewing Box 31

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