Kanal D International has an exciting catalog of dramas, miniseries, and soap operas for international audiences.

Price of Passion(pictured) depicts the unexpected moment when Ferhat and Asli cross paths. After Aslı operates on a man that Ferhat has shot, she is forced to marry Ferhat to save her life. In Tragedy, Cemal works as a waiter in order to provide for his impoverished family. When his father dies, Cemal goes in search of his rich uncle, who he hopes will help him.

Wounded Love, a period drama series set during the final years of the Ottoman Empire, interweaves the lives of many characters, but at the heart of the series is a love story between a man and a woman. Müjgan and Ahmet’s orderly married life goes awry when Ahmet meets Sude, a young and beautiful girl. Big Fat Lies portrays Müjgan’s fight for her marriage and husband.

Blood brothers Salih and Bayram arrange for their children to marry one another in Flames of Desire, but the arrangement goes up in flames. DISCOP Johannesburg Stand 102/103

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