7A Media distributes a variety of international fare for free-TV, pay-TV, VoD, and OTT platforms.

The Wait For Love is a telenovela about a secret affair between a movie star and a royal prince that becomes entangled in deception and shame. In Reina de Flores, Rosa suffers from memory loss after a terrible accident. Her husband looks to Rosa’s sister, Narcisa, for help, but Narcisa does the opposite of helping.

Each episode of sports format El Golazo de la Suerte (pictured) pits two families against each other in a variety of tests if they want to reach the finale. A successful photographer’s life begins to go downhill when he takes a picture in a park of something out of the ordinary in Fotografías de un Crimen (Crime In Focus).

Hablamos Cuando Regreses (We’ll Talk When You Get Back) takes place after a plane crash that leaves no survivors. Two men with the same name were supposed to be on the flight, but one of them decided not to board. Their respective wives must discover which of their husbands is still alive.

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