ATV delivers gripping Turkish dramas with a focus on strong female lead characters.

Lifeline is the story of Nefes, a child bride sold to an abusive businessman. She repeatedly fails in her attempts to escape with her young son. Will Tahir, the younger brother of one of her husband’s business associates, be able to save her? The drama Foster Mother follows Alev, an ambitious young university student whose mistakes result in an unwanted pregnancy. Alev’s sister Damla takes in the baby. After the girl turns eighteen, tensions flare between her birth parents and her foster mother.

In Don’t Leave Me, middle-aged Arzu is determined to protect her family from secrets creeping in from her past. Ali, who spent his youth in prison and never learned to love, meets the equally cold Mavi in Love and Hate (pictured). As they get to know and start to feel affection for each other, will their burdens and secrets crush their budding romance?

In Orphan Flowers, Eylül is cast out by her family and is forced to live in an orphanage, but still manages to form lasting friendships. DISCOP Johannesburg Viewing Booth 11

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