There is no lack of drama in the ABS-CBN line-up, which offers sensational storylines sure to captivate the whole family.

The Better Half (pictured) follows Camille, who, believing her husband Marco to be dead, meets a new man. But Marco later reappears in Camille’s life – now married to a woman named Bianca. Forever My Love is the story of Gabriel and Bianca, who developed a special bond as children and reunited at a triathlon.

Unaware of each other’s existence due to being separated at birth, three identical sisters are reunited by a crime that ends up raising more questions than answers in the series The Blood Sisters.

In Asintado, Gael hires Ana to be his personal nurse and they quickly fall for one another. But their budding romance is cut short by the return of Gael’s murderous ex-girlfriend Samantha! Two very different families cross paths in The Good Son, a complex dynastic drama involving secret family ties and murder. DISCOP Johannesburg Stand 89

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