Disney Media Distribution Latin America (DMDLA) announced the production of Cazadores de Milagros, a series of 13 one-hour episodes for worldwide distribution.

It is a co-production between DMDLA, Mediapro, BTF Media, and Somos Productions. Cazadores de Milagros interweaves the stories of a skeptical journalist who works at a news portal and needs a note to save his career, a young and brilliant heiress of a media empire that’s as successful as it’s controversial, and an enigmatic clairvoyant.

DMDLA also announced the new original drama Americana, co-developed with Naím Media Group (NMG). The 10-episode series takes place in late 19th-century Brazil, when defeated Confederates were invited by the emperor to the nation. When a reporter investigates a series of violent murders in the American colony, dark secrets are unveiled amidst the country’s political change.