ZDF Enterprises is at the Palais with a diverse slate that includes crime dramas and children’s shows.

Model Nyela Malik’s career implodes and she scores a place at The Athena (pictured), a prestigious art school in London. Worst Witch is a reimagining of Jill Murphy’s beloved books, and follows Mildred Hubble as she attends Cackle’s Academy for Witches.

When Lena Grinsky, a Russian princess and a student at the Paris Opera Ballet School accidentally time-travels to the present day in Find Me in Paris, she must quickly learn to adapt to modern life as she hides from the dangerous Time Collectors. Over Water is a crime drama about John Beckers, a onetime TV celeb in Flanders whose addictions to drinking and gambling cost him everything he worked so hard for.

Kristina Ohlsson’s STHLM Requiem’s follows police recruit Fredrika Bergman as she accepts a position with the Special Investigations unit of the Stockholm police. Stand P-1.L2