Multicom Entertainment comes to Cannes with a diverse slate headlined by For Now (pictured), a fully improvised comedy/drama about four Aussie pals and siblings who take a road trip to California to audition for a dance school.

A down-on-his-luck high school teacher recruits and trains streakers and sets up bets as to how long they’ll be able to stay on the football field in sports comedy Streaker.

Since 2017, Multicom has completed more than 20 Film Restorations, including The Long Way HomeThe Convent, and The Adventures of Pinocchio, among others.

Learn all about the Remarkable Life of John Weld, from his start in Hollywood as a stunt double in the ’20s to his later accomplishments as a journalist and novelist.

In Shadow of Suribachi: Sammy’s Story, World War II marine and Iwo Jima survivor Sammy Bernstein tells the terrifying tale of the two battles he was forced to fight. Stand R7.F28