Rome-based Mondo TV is bringing animated TV series to this year’s MIPCOM.

Reinterpreting the classic novel by Johanna Spyri, Heidi, Bienvenida a Casa follows Heidi’s transition from country to city life. Spin-off series Heidi Bienvenida al Show (pictured) continues with the music and excitement as Heidi returns to the big city. This time, she meets new friends and cultivates new hobbies.

The MeteoHeroes were normal children before they discovered their supernatural powers of controlling the weather and atmospheric phenomena. Season two of Robot Trainstakes place in the four different regions of Rail World, where members of the Rail Watch protect and serve the trains and Railers.

In Invention Story, a fox named Kit arrives into Carrot Town and starts inventing all sorts of gadgets for the residents, much to the irritation of mayor Silas Hopner. Stand P-1.N1