Inter Medya travels to Cannes with a line-up of dramas and quiz shows.

The Pit (pictured) takes place in Çukur, where one young upstart tries to break the neighborhood’s rule on drugs, and all hell breaks loose. Eleven men and 11 women are invited to a luxurious Caribbean villa in dating reality format The Perfect Couple. But only the winners of a key challenge will be able to choose a partner and stay.

Quiz format 19 is essentially a duel between two contestants. But five other would-be players in the studio will try to answer the same 19 questions in order to become the winner’s next rival. In Flames of Desire, blood brothers Bayram and Salih hatch a plan to marry their children to one another. But when the time comes to do it, they find that the kids have plans of their own.

Money Monster is a game show format that tests how fast contestants can count. If you know the exact amount of cash present, the money is yours to keep. Stand C16.D